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Julie Beischel

>    Contemporary methods used in Laboratory-based mediumship research

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Julie Beischel
>   Contemporary methods used in Laboratory-based mediumship research


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As with the study of any natural phenomenon, bringing mediumship into the regulated environment of the laboratory allows for the controlled and repeated examination of anomalous information reception by mediums. It also lends statistically analyzed evidence regarding the survival of consciousness hypothesis and addresses the relationship between consciousness and brain. Ideally, laboratory- based mediumship research includes 2 equally important factors: (a) a research environment that optimizes the mediumship process for both the medium and the hypothesized discarnate and (b) research methods that maximize the experimental blinding of the medium, the rater, and the experimenter in order to eliminate all conventional explanations for the information and its accuracy and specificity. The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential utilizes several methods that build upon historical as well as modern mediumship investigations in order to meet these 2 research goals. The research methods discussed include: detailed research reading protocols; the pairing and formatting of readings; experimental blinding; the thorough screening of all research participants; and a specific scoring system used by raters.


The analysis of information conveyed by mediums (individuals who report experiencing regular communication with the deceased) is important for several reasons:

- The survival of consciousness
- investigating the phenomenon of anomalous information reception (air) by mediums is essential in understanding the mind’s perception and processing of nonlocal, nonsensory information.
- An extensive understanding of the information mediums report and the process by which they report it is necessary in order for such information to be sensibly utilized by society.
- Providing empirical evidence on a topic historically linked with religion (i.e., the afterlife) may greatly impact modern society as well as contemporary western healthcare.
- Finally, survival and mediumship studies provide unique evidence for an issue central to consciousness science: the relationship between the mind/consciousness and the brain.

-> texto completo em pdf (em inglês) - clique aqui para acessar -





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